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LiV is a product of a carefully prepared range of materials that are selected from real life experiences in family circles, religious setups and within the socioeconomic environment. These experiences are compiled for those who are desperate to live in spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom gives clarity and frees us from acts of a dark mind, confusion and utter foolishness, things that drive humans to blindly follow beliefs, rituals, traditions, religions, groups or practices that bring no spiritual benefit to the soul!

[…And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. As a result, their minds became dark and confused. Romans 1:21(NLT)]

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LiV is a ministry to genuine seekers of God! A people who have found themselves under bondages disguised as religion, led by “…people of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain..”. 1Timothy 6:5 (NIV). These unsuspecting people are chained to to these groups by a planted guilt and a dangling carrot packaged in the gospel of prosperity!

LiV will explore with you some spiritual experiences that brought real freedom and fearless love for righteousness. Personal intimacy with God that developed from these trials, helped in gaining spiritual freedom that led to victories over habitual sins, cold love, worldliness, insecurity, fear of unknown, fear of man, spiritual fear, sorrows, the need to please other humans, the need to be accepted by a mob and above all, spiritual sight that led to freedom from bondages by other humans!

There is clear evidence that when you endeavor to pursue spiritual freedom, you will be forced to break through a number of spiritual bondages on your way to victory.

One of the most important hurdle is overcoming the bondage of spiritual blindness. Once you are over this hurdle you will be able to see deception a mile away and therefore capable of avoiding the wrong path of association and fellowship. You will let go many things that previously crowded your life!

Another key hurdle in breaking your bondages, is a gain in the ability to shake off all forces of oppressive spiritual attacks. Spiritual oppression is a battle of many fronts and a product of calculated manipulations by spiritual beings, some of them living in people you interact with every day. This oppression is triggered by satanic attacks of your mind on one end, demonically inspired verbal attacks by humans on the other end, and by encounter with planted evil snobs in your immediate social environment. These setups give birth to a horrifying deep-seated fear in your soul!

The fallen nature in us gets busy to workout a solution for our troubled spirit. I cannot help but compare the scenario to a novice mucking around trying to solve a complex equation in algebra. We juggle every variable within our reach to get some peace, we sleep and wake up to face the same set of constant nightmares that we can’t wish away!

In this confusion, there is a tendency to look for answers and causes from external sources, normally, a mistake! The solution and cause is within you! So, in the privacy of your environment start dealing with yourself first! Make a U-turn, in other words, repent! Quietly resist reactions or solutions coming from your human nature. Seek peace with the Creator. Do it without blaming anyone else. Live in this new found honesty. Honesty is a slippery road. You will fall many times. Please pick yourself up and keep walking! When you repeat it long enough, falsehoods living within you will give you up and drop off! Falsehoods are defined in Ephesians 6:12(Living Bible Translation) as intelligent spiritual beings living in a human or just wondering outside in our world without a body!

Normally when an unclean spirit is in a human body, it gets a mouth to use! The presence of this spirit makes the human spirit struggle. How will you know that evil previously alive in you is gone? Once this happens, spiritual struggles, normally manifested as fear, worry, stress or depression, will cease. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds … Philippians 4:7 (BSB).

Remember that you can’t get real peace when one or more of these evil forces are still calling your spirit home! So long as they are in you, they will ride your soul like a horse to do things that destroy your peace, body, social life, family and finally your destiny! In other words they are are thieves of our wellbeing! John 10:10 (NIV) The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy… Although many people are demonized, meaning they live under the bondage of subtle habitual sins, it is only in extremes cases such as drugs and alcohol that you will see the underlying destruction by unclean spirits living in people! The good news is, when you realize and resist them by deliberately choosing to get rid of your inborn rebellion and endeavor to build a loving relationship with the Creator, your spirit will finally be free to experience real rest.

You will now have achieved an extremely important level of spiritual milestone, a gain in divine peace. You will be able to look back and smile in gratefulness for smashing through all your spiritual bondages! You will say in your heart, ‘I am free at last’.

A few years ago, I was privileged to have a beautiful (and I mean beautiful) spiritual experience. Unknown to me then, I needed to mature first in order to benefit from this experience. I did this by walking through the above spiritual hurdles. Though the walk was unexpected and painful, the outcome cemented in me a spiritual foundation that is not humanly possible. This is something that I cherish knowing that no dark force can ever take away from me.

This spiritual awakening freed me from all bondages and therefore ignited a determination to face mockery from deceived humans who think they are clever!

They are the type who are in constant competition for greatness or recognition! These people have unbelievably huge appetite for making a name for themselves! No number of earthly achievements can ever satisfy their need to be regarded as great! I once believed in these smooth talkers, visibly perishing mortals, slyly convincing and smiling vipers, unbelievable demagogues that wear permanent mocking faces that exude spiritual ugliness that could only have been lit by seeds of ignorance from acquired stupidity!

I have also seen these self-righteous crumble and their plastic grins replaced by unstoppable rivers of sorrow!

The following scriptures are an encouragement to those who are bullied and treated with mockery by these snakes. Proverbs 3:34 (NIV) He mocks proud mockers… and from John 8:32 (NIV) Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

It was refreshing when the truth began to dawn on me. This was not by brain knowledge but through my spirit. It became crystal clear that I am a spirit being living in a body and that my bondages were from the spiritual realm. I also learnt that my real strength in enjoying everyday life depended on regaining divine freedom to my soul. I was astonished when I realized that this freedom that I was now taking by force, had previously been robbed off me by sin, and like any human, this child-like freedom had gradually eroded away since childhood when I slowly lost my innocence! Matthew 18:3 (NLT) Then he said, “I tell you the truth, unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.

My writings are about a personal journey to spiritual freedom that leads to overcoming habitual sins and gaining the ability to see, expose and fight spiritual oppression!

I have included topics on some specific agents of evil that I came across and wrestled with such as the Jezebel spirit. This is a highly narcissistic spirit that specializes in control, manipulation, plotting, gossip and character assassination of its real or perceived ‘enemies’. This spirit mobilizes as many people as it can to join in its ‘fights’. It’s an unbelievably stubborn evil spirit, alive in a person that targets anybody who it thinks is a threat to its established power of control in a given environment. It operates through specific types of people. Through its host, the spirit harasses, bullies and intimidates to look powerful. It can criticize you for anything. It is petty in everything.

Many religious people have in the past tried to paint from their ignorance, a picture of Jezebel as a person that is only led by loose morals! This is a deception from the devil! Though Jezebels have a life of moral failure, they are not defined by weakness and therefore are not pushovers. Jezebels are either legitimate or illegitimate leaders in their environment! A person with this spirit cannot submit to anything that does not massage their ego! Does this really describe a prostitute? If your answer is yes, then you need help!

In our dark world, vulnerable young women growing up in abusive or hurtful environments are more susceptible to being infected by this spirit than men! It chooses them, to be their ‘protector or strongman’! Therefore, Jezebel is a type of a power or a strongman spirit in a person as mentioned in Mathew 12:29 (NIV)…how can anyone enter a strong man’s house … That is why the spirit is more common in women than men!

Though identified by people as a female spirit, Jezebel is very much alive in some males, and unfortunately that number includes political leaders.

You can easily tell when this spirit is in a male because its pattern of attacks is similar to when it is operating in a female!

Both male and female hosts of this spirit, have a higher than normal need to be appreciated and they suffer the same disasters of emotional cycles, characterized by an occasional anger outburst! Please note, that not everyone who has an anger outburst has a Jezebel spirit!

A Jezebel spirit is about the display of power! Anything that a person who has this spirit does in a family, social group, a church group, the work place or in a political arena is about image, control, being regarded as great and manipulating others through deception! Many people who have this spirit are not even aware they have it. They are just amazed at the power they have over other humans!

A Jezebel spirit in a person has no respect for anyone, it toys around with people who are spiritually unprotected because they are spiritually dead or weak! It makes them subordinates by taking away the freedom to be themselves. In the process, it triggers an oppressive environment for their mind and they end up behaving like scared rabbits who have to seek approval for their daily decisions!

When in the presence of the Jezebel-spirit-person, these people are forced to run helter-skelter, tiptoeing and keen not to upset the ‘elephant’ in the room. Anyone with a keen eye will see the spiritual fear in them through their body language! If the person is a political leader, you can even see it on TV and in photos!

You cannot really blame them. They are normally handpicked victims. An individual with a Jezebel spirit does not choose a strong person as a spouse or a worker. They choose weak or wicked scoundrels to work with. It is a sad struggle for these people, because however educated or knowledgeable they are, being carnal-minded humans, leave them still much weaker than the unclean spirit in their leader! When they are around this ‘leader’ their personal freedom is quickly eroded, followed by a loss of confidence in their abilities and creativity. It does not take long thereafter, before they start living a life of being unconsciously defensive and apologetic to their ‘master’! Peace, harmony and freedom of expression or professionalism vanish from their immediate environment.

Believe you me, an experience with a Jezebel spirit is a horrible feeling! It is something that you don’t forget for a long time!

You can read more about this spirit in the book title displayed above!

I feel privileged to have gone through long painful moments of spiritual discovery. Moments when my only human help came from inspired materials that I read from honest persons who were in no doubt living right and were at peace with themselves and the Creator.

I therefore decided not to ever publish a spiritual crap but only what can bring life to others!

LiV has many articles on personal victories and spiritual growth that you may find interesting. I have also included a few links to spiritual books whose content will enrich your spiritual life.

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Joseph GM,

Author, LiV