COVID-19 and Global Pandemics

What lessons have we learned from COVID -19?

When enjoying good health, humans have a tendency to think that they are invincible! Their God-given-health becomes an idol. They use it to taunt others, boasting, chest-thumbing, and showing how special they are! Some even dare to beat infectious diseases with their egos! In a blinding spiritual pride, humans have failed to acknowledge that, …The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it…1 Corinthians 10:26(NIV). Simply because the world has survived uninterrupted for decades, and humans have done whatever they felt like with a few known consequences, the emergence of recent pandemics indicate that it will not always continue this way!

If you wish to understand my point, please follow my narrative below!

The world is witnessing an infection of a pandemic proportion in the name of COVID-19. This is a variant from a strain of viruses, that had only before, been detected in animals!

How this virus jumped the inter-species barrier, is still a matter of debate. The virus has caused havoc to humans in many countries since it was first detected at Wuhan city China, in December 2019. COVID-19, has since become a viral epidemic the world over!

Is this news to you?

It doesn’t matter if COVID-19 virus was made in the lab, or mutated from an animal variant to live in a human body? What may really matter is the pattern of infection and the victims ages. This may in no doubt awaken a curious mind!

Within a millennium, humans have suffered from a number of dangerous diseases. In the last century alone, deadly outbreaks of Spanish flu, HIV/AIDS, SARS and now Covid-19, have mercilessly decimated the world population! In almost all of these cases, the young, toddlers, infants, the unborn in their infected mother’s wombs, have been spared, or minimally affected! Why is this? Toddlers are supposed to have a weaker immunity than adults, and therefore, prone to viral attacks!

Before you try to dig out some answers, let us take a look at some causes of historical epidemic outbreaks, from a spiritual perspective!

In the scripture below, God is trying to get the attention of a rebellious people, whose ways were leading them to death, in the hands of their enemy! He was indirectly telling them “listen to me”. Many didn’t listen, and in the process, went through a needless suffering.

The LORD shall smite thee…with a fever, and with an inflammation… Deu 28:22 KJV 

If human beings were not that stubborn, many would realise that the little effect such pandemics have to the younger humans, who are even more vulnerable, is a hint, that there is more to it than meets the eye!

Epidemic outbreaks, as written in the scriptures, were a wake-up call. They were meant to correct, or serve as a warning. They normally came, when man was absorbed in a long period of disobedience, peddling hate, cold love, murders, rebellion towards righteousness, orgies, stubbornness, widespread sexual immorality, dependence on self, general idolatry, and above all, living a selfish life, full of pride, and void of any sense, that there exists a Creator!

Humans have always failed to lead a life of repentance! Despite the painful experiences of life, they reject learning! One would expect, that people will mellow out with age, and repent from their waywardness. Instead, our rebellion has increased towards the Creator as we hung on to our visibly crumpling bodies! We then teach our children, the art of rebellion, and even take away, the idea of God, from their school curriculum! We then cover our own rebellion and exchange the truth with lies! The Creator, who Has given us consciousness, a long life, and a free will to repent, become a mythical being, and as a result we ripen up for curses! These curses catch up with us, as we age. As our chances of repentance diminish with time, then the wages of sin establish themselves in our mortal bodies as “old-age” diseases!

We are full of deception that comes from our stubborn know-it-all attitude! Meanwhile, inherited family conditions take root in our mortal bodies! Nobody in this world should suffer from a personal, or a family curse as this was dealt with! That was the whole reason for the cross, to take away the curse, pronounced by the law.

Which law? Any spiritual law that apply to all humans. Just like material science laws have consequences when broken by anyone, so will the spiritual laws. A non believer of physics laws, will break a leg if they disregarded the law of gravity and jumped off from the roof of their house for fun! Similarly, non believers of spiritual laws, will bring grave harm to themselves when they break the laws! Why? We are spiritual beings in a body and we were made to live by these laws!

These laws are independent of religion!

Gal 3:13 (NLT) But Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law. When he was hung on the cross, he took upon himself the curse for our wrongdoing…

I am not asking you to turn religious, and join just any religious group, you come across! Oh no! You may not even like some of these myopic, deceitful, smiling, money-hungry and self-edifying religious mobs! You will be put off by their carnal personalities!

However, if everything around you is going up in smoke, you may have nothing much to lose by trying something new. So, in your own privacy, examine the scriptures! Don’t die before your time! (Eccles 7:17-18 (BSB) …do not be a fool. Why should you die before your time? …For he who fears God will follow … warnings). Seek God! You cannot live like an Island, so, start or join a group, that is worshiping God in Spirit, and in truth!

It also puzzles me, that though many times we get it all wrong, humans, have sometimes been able to tell correctly some things outside of the scriptures. Let’s take the big bang theory as a good example. Some of the things in it, are absolute rubbish, but the beginning of creation, is all there! It is the same as in the scriptures. I recommend that you read Genesis and the Gospel of John with an open mind!

Just before the flood, a mythical event to many humans, irrespective of all the current evidences, we lived for nearly 1000 years. This was cut short, to the current elusive age ceiling, of 120 years. The curse of rapid aging, ensued from an increased spread of wickedness!

One would wonder about God’s wisdom in this. The answer may not be obvious, but when you examine the outcome, the argument holds water!

Reducing longevity, reduced evil and deception, in the world of long-living, unbelieving humans. Fresh new humans, brought a new hope! Imagine, a world of chest-thumbing-physically-able dictators, idolaters, sexually immoral, or fornicators, living for 1000 years. It would certainly be hard, to reduce evil, in that world!

We could learn from this, and start repenting our ways!

Epidemics, should always remind us, that we are mortals, and our existence, belongs to God. We didn’t just come to existence, from nowhere, but we (our soul), were made by the Creator, in His Own Spiritual Image, and Creativity. God cleverly, placed us in a formed body, in our mother’s womb. Our soul’s immeasurable ability, was immediately filtered, to the limitation of this body. A body, limits you by its brain’s capacity, or IQ, its physiological functions, and its ability to grow or learn. Environmental factors also play part, like where the body is born, how it is perceived by others, and how exposed it is to earthly knowledge, among other reasons! Otherwise, the intelligence of all human souls, when outside of these bodies, is the same, and it is very high! Let us not be spiritually blind, and live foolishly, worshiping the perishing, instead of the Creator of the universe!

Like in many other pandemics, the medical world, has failed to get a cure, for COVID-19. This left them, with no choice, but develop a vaccine, from the already created ability of our body’s immune system! Meanwhile, as we continue battling this disease, please get vaccinated, wear masks where necessary, practice social distancing, and isolation. You will protect yourself, and others! It is scriptural to do this for those who doubt it! God, who is a Healer, still required people, to avoid the virus by isolating!

Leviticus 13:4 (NIV)… isolate him who has the infection…

Refusing to be vaccinated, and exposing one’s body to the virus, by trying to be a hero of faith, or for other crazy reasons, may only take you, and others, to the grave! It has happened to church ministers, political leaders, and to ignorant demagogues clothed in an unreasonable heightened sense of self-importance! God loves all human beings equally, irrespective of their sins! Therefore, all knowledge that saves human life, does not come from the devil, but from God!

1 Samuel 15:22 (NLT) …Obedience is better than sacrifice…

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[Article Author: Joseph GM]