Covid – 19

There is little doubt that the world is witnessing an infection of a pandemic proportion in the name of covid-19. 

Covid – 19 is a new strain of Corona viruses and has no known cure! It has now spread all over the world, effectively becoming a pandemic.

In the ancient world, where there was no fast or wide travels, disease outbreaks didn’t reach pandemic levels, though history recorded epidemic infections that wiped out big populations of people within a region,

Descendants of Jacob, otherwise known as Israel, suffered from a number of epidemics on their forty-year journey from the land of Goshen in Egypt to their promised land, Canaan (a region currently known as the Jewish Nation of Israel).

The reasons behind the epidemics outbreak as written in the scriptures, was their direct disobedience and stubbornness.  It is important to note that, any time this happened, God didn’t tell them ‘move on’ or ‘mingle as you wish’, instead, He ordered them as recorded in Leviticus 13:4 (NIV)… isolate him who has the infection…

Are we any more special than this group? No! Unfortunately some of us are caught up in a rebellious, delusional, religious pride, fuelled by indulgence in a losing streak of ignorance  coming from counterfeit faith and madness trapped in the mouths of agents of darkness! Unless you repent, you will never see the deception! You will suffer the same fate as any other human!

The Jews had an interesting way of showing remorse. They dressed in sackcloths! Is it then time for us to sacrifice our comfort by dressing ourselves in a ‘sackcloth’ ? Maybe, but repentance must be from the heart! Meanwhile, obey. The scriptures say that obedience is better than sacrifice!

It’s therefore wise to follow community and government guidelines on social distancing and isolation!

Don’t try to use your position to trick unsuspecting ‘sheep’ by asking them not to isolate! If you are a devout Christian and you’ve been told or think that you cannot catch the virus, please think twice, because you could be a victim of deception!

Isolation during an epidemic is scriptural! We are not the first generation to do it and we will certainly not be the last!

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[Article Author: Joseph GM]