LiV By Casting Out Demons In You

I lived with obesity for about 12 years. My self inflicted condition was an embarrassment not only to me, but to my friends and family! Then one day I realised my foolishness and decided to get rid of the extra weight. I shared my resolve with close “friends”, expecting lots of encouragements and support but instead I received discouraging comments. I didn’t understand why. I wanted them to be happy for me but their words were hurting and didn’t give me much confidence.

I however went ahead with my plans in-spite of these discouragements. My critics didn’t think that my method was going to work. I was by now very determined and my words to them were simple. ‘I will urgently shed off my weight by any means possible. Once am skinny as you, then we can argue about those methods that work’. 

Like a drowning person, I was desperate to grab on anything that I felt can work! My ears blocked to negative voices. I was set to save myself from the consequences of obesity. The rest is history, I lost about 35 kilograms. My tops reduced from XXL to Medium or small. The waistline shrunk from 40/42 Inches to 34 Inches .

Millions of people are trying to get rid of perennial habitual sins. They are shouting for help but instead people criticize them. They are told that demons can’t live in them! Meanwhile they suffer embarrassment from acts in their lives that are incited by demons! Just like my weight issue where I was discouraged so will you be discouraged when you try to lose those dangerous spiritual beings that are living inside you, making you addicted to that habit! Some habits are sinful like sex outside marriage, others like excessive drinking or eating are not but can destroy your life!

I heard someone say that we should not blame demons for our habits! I nearly agreed with that statement but later realised that it was actually a demon talking through the person! Demons can oppose good work in a person through anyone including a trusted figure like a parent, a spouse, pastor or a bishop! They infiltrate their thoughts and you may think that you are talking to them but it is actually a demon!

I also heard someone else mocking discernment in a new believer who had started noticing demons in people! In today’s world, if you don’t see demons everywhere, then you are actually not born again in your spirit! Your spirit is dead and therefore carnal in your mindset!

Demonised humans are a common feature everywhere.

Man is by default demonised. 

However, it is rare for this effect to come alive before the end of childhood! That is why even devils can notice the angelic character in children!

Demons or unclean spirits live in our friends and foes. They are the cause of all the evil around us. You will hear people say, “I don’t know what made me say or do that”. Now you know, it is demons in people. Demons come in us through inherited sins or the weakness of the flesh. The clue here is, if you can’t stop something with your mind, then its demonically driven. It may have started as a flesh issue, but an opportunistic spirit eventually found a home in that mindset. This unmoved thought system is what the scripture calls a spiritual darkness! Many people are helpless and can’t dismantle this system without deliverance prayers! The activity behind the darkness could be drugs, sex, drunkenness, anger, hatred, envy, gossip, lying and even talking a lot!

Unclean spirits use the darkness as a foothold putting you in deep trouble.

Jesus came to deliver you not to condemn you. Condemnation comes from the devil through your own thoughts or from the same people you call friends, no wonder they oppose you!

John 3:17 (NIV) For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

Once you become desperate to get rid of the evil habit, my advice is, go ahead and do it! Don’t listen to any arguments about the theological methods that should have been used. Avoid using Beelzebub, that is the dark spiritual! Occult is a ticket to damnation!

Habitual sins can be embarrassing to you and your family! When dealing with them, you have no dignity to protect. The only choice you have is getting delivered!

It is URGENT! Get rid of the devils living in you.

Unclean spirits behind a habit can be commanded to leave a human using the authority of the name of Jesus. This is the best method that gets rid of all types of demons living in people.

The world unknowingly chases demons out of people through starvation. Normally, a habit has a fuel. This fuel could be anything, from unforgiving nature, a cigarette, alcohol, a drug, a sex act or even food. If the demon behind the habit in you is denied the fuel, then it leaves on its own. That is why drug and alcohol addicts go to rehab to starve the demons. Once they are starved they go away but but not without a fight. They prompt you to go for the fuel. Doctors call this condition, withdrawal periods, a time when the urge is very high and it drives the human crazy. The truth is, it is demons desperately demanding for what they miss, a drug, food or a glass of alcohol.

If you are a believer, always go for the best method by using the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! If you are unable to believe, check yourself into a rehab! Rehabs are limited but the authority of the name of Jesus isn’t!

Remember that after the demons leave, your mindset must change otherwise, demons come back! Discipleship, education and followup is a must to change the developed, acquired or the inherited mindset!

How? Listen to the clip below. Thanks to Derek Prince Ministries

Article by Joseph GM

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