The Jezebel Spirit


Revelations 2:20 (NIV) …I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet…

This is the most wicked of all anti-Christ spirits operating in the church worldwide.

In the group of anti-Christ spirits, the Jezebel spirit may only be second to the religious spirits that have taken captive parts of the world population and effectively blocked most of them from ever hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whereas the other anti-Christ spirits operate in the general population, this one camps in christian churches and homes. It takes people within it’s environment captive, members of a congregation, the pastor, the deacons, church elders, family members and even friends. This siege and deception can last for years.

A person hosting this spirit is driven by a hunger for power, social influence and sometimes material gain. The main aim of this spirit is to drive as many people as it can to hell.

This spirit operates more often in women than men.

A person hosting a Jezebel spirit is a master of counterfeit and deceit. They will fool you and the closest associates for years.

I have personally come across this spirit in only one christian man but I am now losing count of the number of women that I have met that are in the early or later stages of this spirit. I have mentioned elsewhere that the nature of man makes them less likely to be used by the devil as a host of this spirit. I am sure that there are some men out there who have this spirit.

A person carrying this spirit cannot submit to any authority, let alone a spouse. This spirit has no respect for holiness and purity that comes through the gospel or does it respect Godly structures like marriages and churches.

A person carrying this spirit is showy in everything, wants to portray perfection when its visibly not there. They always have the right spiritual jargon to fool you.

This is the same spirit that operated in queen jezebel, the wife of Ahab.

“And it came to pass when Joram saw Jehu that he said, ‘Is it peace, Jehu?’ And he answered, ‘What peace so long as the whoredom of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many?’” (2 Kings 9:22).

Whoredom also refers to a betrayal of faithfulness, breaking of vows, and prostitution of self and others for advancement. The whoredom spirit will sell itself and you out. The Jezebel spirit is not faithful in relationships, word, or deed.

If you fell in love with a person hosting the Jezebel spirit you will certainly get your heart ripped out.

(Proverbs 23:27-28

“For a whore is a deep ditch, and a strange woman is a narrow pit. She also lieth in wait as for prey and increaseth the transgressors among men”

The Jezebel is the strange woman. Give this spirit a leeway in your life and chaos and destruction will follow.

Avoid a personal relationships with those having a Jezebel spirit at all costs. 

If it’s a family member, sort it out with God. Pursuing a relationship with someone that has this spirit is a spiritual suicide

This spirit operates mainly through three other spirit; whoredom , witchcraft and the spirit of divination.

Destroying Ministries

Many servants of God with sincere hearts for the ministry have been brought down by Jezebels.

One sure way of knowing that you are dealing with a Jezebel or a Jezebel tolerant environment is when you have a perennial struggle with purity however much you pray for deliverance.

There is also a sudden opposition for anything prophetic, anti-deliverance and a sudden surge of impurity if it’s a new person or environment for you. If you entertain more fellowships with a person with this spirit, there will be more issues and God’s anointing will start lifting from you.

This is not a joking matter, you are dealing with a very evil and deceptive spirit. Weather you are married or not, run. A jezebel has two sides, the seductive side when she wants to get something from you and the extremely vile side when she is attacking you. Don’t be fooled by her seductive side.

This spirit is characterised by broken relationships, broken or troubled marriages, pure deception, mockery of the work of deliverance, character assassination of the prophetic voices in the church, cold battles between worshippers and church splits.

It’s also an opportunistic spirit seeking friendships with those who have been hurt by their loved ones and are nursing wounds. The jezebel host comes in to comfort them and in the process wins their confidence.

A Jezebel is always sniffing for any crack in your marriage or other relationships. If they sense that, they then position themselves to be your fallback. If they have an opportunity of defiling you or your spouse spiritually they won’t hesitate. They will do it even if it means using sex to inject a spirit of rebellion in you via your spouse.

A Jezebel does not care about sex in marriage. Sex is a tool for punishing non- compliant partners, for gaining power or gaining material wealth.

When a Jezebel spirit operates in a woman, though she may not have looks that are anywhere close to a beauty queen,  she uses a demonic seduction that makes her irresistible to her targets. Some people in the church will not even suspect a Jezebel to be a danger to their own marriages because of the deceptive looks. By the time they know it, it will be too late.

This normally happens to close friends who get so psychologically affected after discovering the evil side of the Jezebel that they may never recover.

Through her loyalists, a Jezebel will spread rumours that the affected person is mad or has a demon spirit.

A Jezebel often operates under a counterfeit spirit , the opposite of the Holy Spirit , this is a mixture of  the spirit of witchcraft and the spirit of divination. Witchcraft clouds the minds of those around the spirit for easy deception. Divination is the counterfeit of discernment that makes a Jezebel look spiritual.

In the Jezebel spirit world, it’s not about Jesus , its about self, it’s about the person, it’s about personal achievements, it’s about class, it’s about titles, it’s about power and it’s about material possession. You can debate on anything or plan whatever, but the attention should always come back to that person. This spirit feeds and lives on praises from men (and women).

I have covered much more on this spirit in a book. You can get yourself a copy of the book “The Jezebel Spirit – Spiritual wars on family and the church” online.


Listen to Video Clips below

1. What is a Jezebel spirit?

2. Example of a Jezebel spirit in the church leadership


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